How to Improve Your Sex Life With Escorts by Peter Minkoff, Guest Blogger. In the world where sex is the latest accessory and fetishes are just another glitter to attach to your brand new piece of jewelry, why shouldn’t we be loving escorts with the same passion we love sex? Long gone are days where term “sex worker” had a pejorative meaning attached to it – these days, we’re celebrating it as we should.

How come escorts are okay?

Well, how come they shouldn’t be? The idea when hiring someone for sexual pleasure is to find a person that knows what they are doing and they won’t fail you. This goes for both women and men, that is – women seeking gigolos and men enjoying female escorts and their lady attention.

How do I know someone is a professional?

Much like any other profession sex is the art that is learned in time; escorts don’t have the established type of training most of us get in corporations but they do more of… well, practical stuff. They are not only giving you sexual (physical) pleasure but they’re attaching your psyche as well as your emotions. The whole “forbidden” aspect is adding to the overall excitement of the experience, making your orgasm way more intense than you’d ever think possible.

Striped of all the possible prejudice, hiring an escort is a wonderful thing to do for single men, men who are lacking confidence in establishing a romantic relationship (but do want to have sex), business people looking for some fun with high class ladies while away or anyone who is looking to bring some excitement in their lives. Booking escorts is phenomenal for edgy couples too, all those into threesomes and experiments in the bedroom; working with professional fetish escorts can never be a disappointment unlike picking up someone who may not really know what they are doing… right?

What will change in my sex life if I hire an escort?

Pretty much everything. Professional escorts know what they are doing in every segment they are hired for and they’ll make wonderful time with you.

The amazing, and a very powerful thing related to hiring an escort is that, unlike having sex with “a real person” (your girlfriend, wife, etc) is that you become free of all inhibitions and you can indulge in pretty much everything you’ve ever dreamed of in trying (sex-wise). Naturally, professional escorts aren’t yours to beat, maltreat, offend or anything of sorts. They are women you should respect for understanding you and giving you the best possible pleasure you can imagine.

Are toys allowed?

Absolutely. Whether you’d want the girls to bring their toys or you want your personalized array of adult store purchased essentials. You will, naturally, agree on everything with your chosen lady and work out the details.

Is there someone for everyone?

Yes! The beauty of hiring an escort is that there is a range of girls you can choose after your own liking. From tall to short, skinny to chubby, pretty to unconventional looking, and even duo and trio escorts… they’re there to fulfill all of your fantasies.

Are the girls healthy?

That one goes without saying. The reason they fall into the category of “professional” is not just due to their skill in bed (or elsewhere) but due to the fact they’re cared for with utmost care and pamper. Safety is always first, theirs and yours, too. The girls have regular checkups at their OBGYNs, as well as any other MD attendance needed.  You will be required to use protection with the girls unless agreed differently.

Hiring an escort is, before everything, is pleasurable, exciting and fulfilling. If you are looking to get an unforgettable experience (or two), this is the best gift you can give yourself.

Peter Minkoff is a dating writer at High Style Life and The Gay UK magazine from UK and AU. Beside writing he worked as a stylist for many fashion events around UK & AU. Follow Peter Minkoff on Twitter for more tips and blog articles.