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Asian Escorts London
Asian Escorts London



Yummy Escorts agency have a very large client base, with many exciting bookings in London. You get a large and variety of services and a diversity of escorts. We maintain flexible working hours as many of our yummy escorts work part-time. Whether you can only manage a few hours a week or prefer longer hours we will endeavour to accommodate you. So if you are interested in a sexy rendezvous with a shemale or female escort, a relaxation massage, a domination experience or any other desire, you are at the right place.

All models are self-employed. Each is responsible for their own taxes and national insurance. Yummy Escorts is waived of responsibility concerning what activities each individual may choose to take part in and initiate.

Please be aware that all advertisements and other media submitted by you are received and accepted in good faith and on the understanding that the all the information, graphics and web links supplied by you and subsequently published by us is absolutely genuine, honest and does not carry any copyright rights not held by you. You agree that the services offered or described within your advertisement are lawful and that the services offered or described on your website are lawful.

Yummy Escorts does not permit anyone under the age of 18 to advertise. We also do not allow the usage of photos of anyone under the age of 18 at the time the photos were taken.

Yummy Escorts is an advertising and professional bookings agency. Every payment from a freelancer made to Yummy Escorts is for the advertising and booking services and is for a set number of months for a particular advertising and booking package.


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