Online Bookings with Yummy Escorts are easy. Our receptionists can accommodate your online enquiry within 24 hours. For reservations just contact our helpful receptionists on 07756363269 if you want to meet one of our yummy escorts personally. They can will be the one to fix the arrangements for you immediately. We are available on WhatsApp. Send us a text and we will get back to you. Regular clients are welcome to book by texts.


For the upcoming occasions you can use our ‘contact us‘ form. Give the necessary details to our receptionists so they can arrange your reservation quickly and if it has already fixed, we will contact you to inform you that we approve your reservation. Please provide a valid email address and phone number so we can confirm your booking.

Bookings with short-notice

For customers who prefer the incall service, we can arrange a meet up in the lady’s flat. If you prefer our yummy escort to visit you at your hotel, your check in name and hotel details are needed. You may be required to inform the concierge that you expect a visit so the hotel is prepared to welcome your companion. You can also take our female escorts London out in restaurants, bars and other formal parties or social events. Please be informed that you handle the travel expenses that you reserved. Before you can go with your chosen companion we have to collect the deposit.